About me

How to describe me and my art?

For me, nothing is more important than the people and their stories/fates, portrayed in sheer faces/figures and/or authentic interpretation.

While this process of drawing nothing else matters. Neither the origin nor religion of someone. Therefore I shut down all insignificant systems. This obtained freedom allows me to encourage each imagination with using sarcasm and different languages.


How did I?

I found my earliest approach in becoming an artist, by my grandfather, who shared the love and freedom of drawing with me.


Who else influenced and inspired me?

First of all, the rather known:

Egon Schiele, Rupert Gredler, Jules De Brycker, Michael Fuchs, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Salvador Dalí and Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio.

But even a big part are nameless artists, musicians, actors, street performers and creators of all kinds, who crossed my path not only during my travels through Europe.

Freedom is everywhere and nowhere.


Curriculum vitae

- born in Villach, Austria.

Work and education

- since 2017: work as a freelancer artist.

- 2014 - 2018: student at Freie Akademie für Bildende Kunst, Klagenfurt, Carinthia, Austria

Advanced training

- 2013: Paint like Old Masters course with Michael Fuchs

- 2016: Anatomy and nude drawing with René Fadinger

- 2017: MasterClass, Writing with James Patterson

- 2017: MasterClass, Film scoring with Hans Zimmer


- August 2017: Altstadtgalerie Gmünd, Carinthia, Austria

- March 2018: Armory Art Week, New York, USA

- April 2018: Works on Paper, The Brick Lane Gallery, London, UK

- April/May 2018: Art in Mind, The Brick Lane Gallery, London, UK

- July/August 2018: Prague Art Cocktail: Galerie u Zlatého kohouta, Prague, Czechia

- September 2018: II Art Expo Ingolstadt, Germany

- October 2018: with Rupert Gredler and Christine Hodkinson at Altstadtgalerie Gmünd, Carinthia, Austria



- 2018: ARTBOX.PROJECT New York 1.0 catalogue