Curriculum vitae

- born in Villach, Austria.

Work and education

- since 2017: work as a freelancer artist.

- 2014 - 2018: student at Freie Akademie für Bildende Kunst, Klagenfurt, Carinthia, Austria

Advanced training

- 2013: Paint like Old Masters, Course with Michael Fuchs

- 2016: Drawing Anatomy classes with René Fadinger

- 2017: MasterClass, Writing with James Patterson

- 2017: MasterClass, Film scoring with Hans Zimmer


- 15th - 19th August: Swiss Art Expo, Zurich, Switzerland

- 14th April - 5th May 2019: Arista Art Spoon, Centro Sociale Anziani Villa Baruchello, Porto Sant'Elpidio, Italy

- October 2018: Altstadtgalerie Gmünd with Rupert Gredler and Christine Hodkinson, Gmünd, Carinthia, Austria

- September 2018: II Art Expo Ingolstadt, Germany

- Juli/August 2018: Prague Art Cocktail: Galerie u Zlatého kohouta, Prague, Czech Republic 

- April/Mai 2018. Art in Mind, The Brick Lane Gallery, London, UK

- April 2018: Works on Paper, The Brick Lane Gallery, London, UK

- March 2017: Armory Art Week, New York, USA

- August 2017: Altstadtgalerie Gmünd, Carinthia, Austria



- 1st - 31st October 2019: Altstadtgalerie, Gmünd, Carinthia, Austria


- 2018: ARTBOX.PROJECT New York 1.0 catalogue

The drawings by Verena Terekina

(Text by Dennis Lara, musician, singer and songwriter)


Verena Terekina is a visual artist with wonderful skills, that transport the viewer to another place and time. Her drawings move the mind and stir the soul. 

She finds the depth of the subject, presented in the portrait, reveals their personality and spirit through her talent. 

Some artists present a two dimensional experience, but Verena Terekina presents a multi dimensional experience that you won't forget.